IK Multimedia has announced the latest addition to its groundbreaking Pianoverse virtual instrument, which combines the world’s finest concert-grade pianos with inspiring cinematic effects.

Liberty Upright combines the most true-to-life acoustic piano experience with a second, naturally detuned sample set designed to pair with Pianoverse’s sound design capabilities to fuel the wildest atmospheric and interactive creative textures.

The Liberty Upright piano is not just a virtual instrument; it’s a unique piece of history. It’s based on a historic Koch & Korselt upright grand piano built in Bohemia in 1915 and was created using robot-assisted deep multisampling. Renowned for its rich, resonant sound, this upright piano adds unique new colors to Pianoverse, expanding the creative palette in ways never imagined.

Liberty Upright (Relic + Fine-tuned) features

  • Based on a historic Koch & Korselt upright grand piano.
  • Captured using DPA and AKG 414 microphones.
  • Recorded at IK’s state-of-the-art studio in Modena, Italy.
  • 68 GB of sound content (34 GB for each version).
  • 50 instrument presets (25 for each version).

Pianoverse Liberty Upright is available now, sold separately for 99.99 USD/EUR (ex. taxes) or as part of Pianoverse MAX. It is free to all-access subscribers, as will all future Pianoverse pianos.

More information: IK Multimedia / Liberty Upright