IK Multimedia has announced new value-adding initiatives for all hardware products beginning February 1st, 2022.

All IK products, be it an interface, a pair of monitors, a microphone, a synth or guitar pedals, not only always sound great, but they’re also at the top when it comes to value for money as IK customers well know and appreciate.

Continuing its motto of putting “Musicians First,” IK is significantly enhancing the value of all hardware products by offering the following updates:

  • Extended 2-year manufacturer warranty worldwide.
  • Enhanced software bundles with a total value of up to $/€450 in free software titles.
  • More JamPoints with each purchase.
  • USB-C cables added to all iRig items.

In addition, IK Multimedia will be premiering and enhancing many hardware / software bundles to bring users even more value.

More information: IK Multimedia