IK Multimedia has introduced a complete ecosystem for creating and sharing “Tone Models” of guitar and bass gear with IK’s new AI Machine Modeling.

The software-based AmpliTube TONEX lets users model their own rig and play, practice and record with thousands of already available ultra-realistic Tone Models of amps and pedals.

TONEX is a complete ecosystem based on a powerful new AI Machine Modeling™ technology that lets you experience thousands of ultra-realistic Tone Models of amps and pedals today with the promise of unlimited new tones to come. Using our most advanced modeling ever, every Tone Model created is virtually indistinguishable from the real gear.

Browse and demo a huge selection of historic and iconic amps and pedals from IK. Choose between 3 affordable versions and play them anywhere – on Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad. Or model your own rigs and share with others on ToneNET. Enjoy your own signature tone on the go, in the studio and even live on stage more easily than you ever imagined. Then visit ToneNET to browse and share your Tone Models with other users for endless inspiration.

With a full ecosystem of solutions, TONEX combines incredible authenticity, flexibility and power to massively expand the way you experience tone.

Tone Models can be created in TONEX using a modern computer, a regular audio interface and minimal additional equipment, or with the all-in-one TONEX Capture, an accessory that connects to the output of an audio interface to feed into an amp at just the right level. The return stage sits passively between an amp and cab, sending a perfect copy back to the interface at a safe volume without affecting the amp/cab interaction.

TONEX for Windows and Mac and TONEX Capture will be shipping in September and are available for pre-order now at a special introductory price. TONEX App will be released at the same time in the Apple Store.

  • TONEX SE: 99.99 USD/EUR – 200 Tone Models (regular 149.99 USD/EUR).
  • TONEX: 149.99 USD/EUR – 400 Tone Models (regular 249.99 USD/EUR).
  • TONEX MAX: 249.99 USD/EUR – 1,000 Tone Models (regular 399.99 USD/EUR). AmpliTube 5 MAX users will receive a further 50 USD/EUR discount coupon on TONEX MAX.
  • TONEX Capture: 199.99 USD/EUR – Includes TONEX SE with 200 Tone Models (regular 249.99 USD/EUR).

All pricing excluding taxes.

More information: IK Multimedia