IK AmpliTube 2

IK discloses more information about AmpliTube 2, a completely redesigned application offering tremendously enhanced new features. AmpliTube 2 with new DSM™ technology raises the standard of modeling processors to an unprecedented level of hi-quality emulation and extreme flexibility.

AmpliTube 2 is the sequel to the most popular guitar amp and effects plug-in, raising the standard to an unprecedented level of hi-quality emulation and extreme flexibility.

A completely redesigned application, AmpliTube 2 maintains its traditional ease of use while offering tremendously enhanced new features like:

  • Completely redesigned interface and enhanced DSP engine, including our new exclusive DSM™ technology for ultra-accurate analog circuitry emulations.
  • 5 separate modules including Tuner, Stomp, Amp-head, Miked Cabinet and Rack effects with over 70 guitar-gear emulations included.
  • Build your own custom Amp with the extreme flexibility of combining between separate Pre, EQ, Power Amp, Cabinet + Microphone modeling which make up more than 20,000 possible amp combinations.
  • 21 stomp effects available from accurate modeling of rare vintage effects pedals.
  • 11 rack effects including hi-quality parametric EQ, reverb, delay, chorus, compressor, pitch-shifter, harmonizer, stereo-widener, rotary speaker and more…
  • 2 simultaneous guitar-rigs available with the choice of series or parallel connection between the modules.
  • Super-flexible routing for Stomp and Rack Effects with 20 simultaneous configurable effects’ slots.
  • Advanced preset management with A/B comparison, keyword search function, favorites and more.

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