IK Multimedia has announced Black Friday Hardware Deals, offering a discount on the UNO Synth, UNO Drum, Z-TONE DI, Z-TONE Buffer Boost, and iRig Micro Amp.

Following the 70% off deals on software titles, selected hardware is available at up to 40% off regular prices.

As the holiday season approaches, its time to start thinking about the beloved musicians in your life. Whether it be yourself, your friends, your family, or other loved ones, we have amazing deals lined up to satisfy every kind of music maker.

From November 25th through December 1st, save big on your favorite IK hardware like UNO Synth, UNO Drum, Z-TONE DI, Z-TONE Buffer Boost, and iRig Micro Amp!

  • UNO Synth 119.99 USD/EUR: UNO Synth is the ultimate portable, monophonic, true analog synthesizer.
  • UNO Drum 169.99 USD/EUR: UNO Drum is the ultimate beat creation station for anyone and everyone to create warm, punchy, high-quality, and inspiring grooves.
  • Z-TONE DI 99.99 USD/EUR: Z-TONE DI combines the award-winning sound shaping from IK’s AXE I/O interface with the flexibility to record both processed and DI guitar tracks at the same time, as well as best-in-class sound quality.
  • Z-TONE Buffer Boost 109.99 USD/EUR: Guitar & bass pedalboards are all about exploring new tones & textures, creating a wide range of sound for your instrument.
  • iRig Micro Amp 99.99 USD/EUR: iRig Micro Amp is a compact, battery-powered amp that lets you do more.

The offer expire December 1st, 2020.

More information: IK Multimedia