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IK Multimedia launches MODO DRUM SE and MODO BASS SE virtual instruments


IK Multimedia has announced the release of new versions of two of its physically modeled instruments.


For those to get into the world of physically modeled instruments but find the full set of drum kits and basses in MODO DRUM and MODO BASS overwhelming, we now offer MODO DRUM SE and MODO BASS SE. Each still offers the acclaimed physical modeling technology that breathes life into your drum or bass tracks, along with two of the most popular drum kits or basses.

MODO DRUM SE offers all of the features and the fully functional physical modeling engine of MODO DRUM along with two popular drum kits: Jazzy and Studio. You can still adjust every element of the sound on the fly while controlling the entire act of playing drums – kit, play style, sticks, room and FX. Fine tune your kit, and experience some of the most realistic drums on your tracks.

MODO BASS SE also offers all of the features and the fully functional physical modeling engine of MODO BASS along with two great basses: 60’s P-Bass + 70’s P-Bass. You’re still in full control of your electric bass sound and playability with all of the features of the full MODO BASS. Choose the playing style, and control all aspects of playing the electric bass from the player to the instrument and even the amp and FX. Add a piezo to the sound, use differently-aged and different types of strings, move the player’s hand (or the bass pickup!) and much more.

The virtual instruments are now available for 149.99 USD/EUR each.

More information: IK Multimedia

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