IK Multimedia has launched a T-RackS CS ‘Big Sweep’ Special, offering 50% off select T-RackS EQs for a limited time.

IK T-RackS CS sale

Want that classic Pultec sound? How about a Solid State channel strip? IK has you covered. For one week only, we are sweeping the prices from our range of world class EQs — modeled from some of the most sought-after modern and vintage gear around the world. Until Sept 30th, 2015, save 50% on 10 classic EQs — available through the T-RackS Custom Shop or via the Online Store.

This is your chance to give your tracks that sonic punch and personality they’ve been missing — for only half the price. Get them all today and start mixing and mastering like a pro!

T-RackS CS ‘Big Sweep’ Special

  • Master EQ 432: Based on what is considered to be the “golden reference”, the absolute standard in mastering equalizers.
  • EQ 73: A module based on the classic “73” EQ, which delivers that classic British tone and warmth to your mixes
  • EQ 81: A discrete preamp and equalizer that delivers that legendary British warmth and tone that was instrumental in shaping the sound of many hit songs.
  • EQ PB: A classic American 4-band EQ-Preamp noted for its rather simple all-discrete, custom op-amp based circuit schematic of the original hardware it’s based on.
  • EQ PA: Classic American 3-band EQ-Preamp used on many custom designed modular consoles of the late ’60s and ’70s.
  • EQ PG: A classic American 10-band graphic EQ-Preamp that uses the same all discrete signal path and proportional Q design of the EQ PA and EQ PB modules but uses a ten band graphic approach.
  • Linear Phase Equalizer: A precision tool that allows for extremely detailed, clean and transparent tonal interventions on your audio material.
  • Vintage Tube Program Equalizer: Based on the Pultec® EQP-1A, which was the first program EQ in music history based on passive filter circuits back in 1951.
  • White Channel: A dead-on recreation of a contemporary, high-resolution large-format analog console’s channel strip that is used on countless Hip Hop and R&B hits.
  • British Channel: Modeled after the Solid State channel strip used to produce countless hit records around the world since the 80s.

The T-RackS EQs are available for purchase for $36.99 USD-$74.99 USD each, until September 30th, 2015.

More information: IK Multimedia