IK Multimedia has announced a promotion on its physically modeled bass virtual instrument MODO BASS, offering over 70% off through the month of January.

MODO BASS is a complete synthesis of bass playing that lets you adjust and select virtually every aspect of performance for a limitless variety of bass sounds. With MODO BASS, you take unprecedented control over 14 bass models including two new basses: Imperial Bass + Metal Bass.

MODO BASS SE is fully featured with 2 must-have models: 60’s P-Bass + 70’s P-Bass. Nothing beats the commanding presence of a master bassist to add soul and groove to your music.

Get deep savings for your low end today during MODO month at IK’s online store. Be sure and log in to your IK user account to see if you qualify for special crossgrade pricing before adding to the cart.

MODO BASS is on sale for 79.99 USD/EUR, while MODO BASS SE is only 39.99 USD/EUR until February 1st, 2022. Prices ex. VAT where applicable.

More information: IK Multimedia