IK Multimedia has released an extensive collection of 1.6 GB of round robin samples from 100 vintage analog drum machines and rhythm units, along with over 300 MIDI patterns, all created to take full advantage of the powerful features and effects of SampleTank 4.

From ’60s swing to ’80s hip-hop, ’90s house and beyond, the iconic machines included in Beat Machines have shaped the course of music history. From the earliest Ace Tone machines to the iconic, essential TR-808 and -909, plus esoteric novelties, far-out drum synths and even modern designs, this anthology is packed with endless inspiration, each carefully studied to capture its most recognizable sounds.

Over 200 kit presets are mapped to the General MIDI drum mapping standard so they can be dropped into any DAW session, putting these classic sounds instantly to work. The GM mapping is also consistent with the other drum kits available for SampleTank 4, so users can mix and match kit components or even layer entire kits.

To give classic beats that extra punch, the presets for each individual machine also include the full General MIDI set of vintage electronic percussion sounds constructed from across the full library of hardware instruments. This extends the sound of every original machine, making this collection of vibey percussion a must-have for any fan nostalgic for those bygone sounds.

In addition to the main presets, there are hundreds of additional “single element” presets that represent each kit piece. This enables users to take advantage of SampleTank 4’s Multi Mode to combine up to 16 different elements from this collection and others. Start with a Roland® TR-808 kick drum, add a snare from the Maestro Rhythm King, toms from the Simmons® SDS-V, hi-hats from the Elka Wilgamat, and so on.

Priced 79.99 USD/EUR (ex. VAT where applicable), Beat Machines works inside the latest versions of SampleTank 4 for Windows and Mac, including the free SampleTank 4 CS.

More information: IK Multimedia