IK Multimedia has announced the release of GrooveMaker Techno and Trance, two new apps for the iPhone / iPod Touch that allow you to create and share non-stop electronic, dance, multimedia, and movie score songs on the go, in real-time just like a professional DJ or music producer.

GrooveMaker gives you a completely new way of making music with loops. Thanks to our patented “groove generator” technology, you can automatically remix the hundreds of loops included, in virtually limitless ways, all with one touch.

GrooveMaker Techno and Trance features

IK Multimedia GrooveMaker Techno
GrooveMaker Techno App
The raw energy of early techno, the monobeats of yore with a touch of gritty eerie cyberfunk. Beats straight from the roots of electronic music.

  • 4 included songs
  • 1 FREE song when you register
  • 140-150-160-180 BPM
  • 315 loops
  • 228 MB of loops

IK Multimedia GrooveMaker Trance
GrooveMaker Trance
Immerse yourself in a total state of trance with anathematic bass lines, progressive structures and lead melodies. A hypnotic journey with no interruption.

  • 4 included songs
  • 1 FREE song when you register
  • 140-150 BPM
  • 351 loops
  • 230 MB of loops

GrooveMaker Techno and Trance are available for purchase for $9.99 USD / 7.99 EUR each.

More information: IK Multimedia