IK Multimedia continues its long partnership with Joe Satriani and expands the TONEX signature series with new Tone Models.

“The pack includes 59 captures of my favorite and most used heads and combos captured with the brilliant TONEX wizardry. TONEX delivers a “real” amp experience for guitarists, live or in the studio. And now you can experience my amplifier treasury for yourself!”
– Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani Amp Vault features 27 amplifiers from one of today’s most influential electric guitar players. The collection results from his relentless pursuit of great tone and commitment to capturing each amp to his specifications. He handpicked the 27 amplifiers from his collection, dialed in his favorite settings and captured them using IK’s Advanced AI Machine Modeling at Sammy Hagar’s Red Rocker Studios.

From sought-after vintage gems to his modded signature amps, these guitar tones have appeared on iconic albums like “Surfing with the Alien” and “The Elephants of Mars.” They have also been on stage with his supergroups Chickenfoot and G3. The Joe Satriani Amp Vault Collection covers over 35 years of soaring melodies, layered soundscapes and soulful sounds.

Compatible with all TONEX versions, including the free TONEX CS and TONEX App, Joe Satriani Amp Vault is available to purchase via ToneNET and within any version of TONEX for Windows and Mac for 99.99 USD/EUR (ex. taxes where applicable).

More information: IK Multimedia