IK Multimedia has released the previously announced Modo Bass 2, taking its physically modeled electric bass to the next level by adding fretless and double-bass models, a brand-new Patterns section, and more.

he next-level edition of IK’s award-winning physically modeled bass virtual instrument is available now, adding 8 new basses, including new fretless and upright options, a brand-new Patterns section with thousands of grooves, advanced performance controls and more ways to enter the MODO BASS world.

Producers know how important it is to have a great-sounding bassline. MODO BASS 2.0 is here with even more realism and the stunning sounds of sought-after electric and double basses being played by master musicians, all with the convenience of a plug-in virtual instrument.

Modo Bass 2 is available for purchase for 299.99 USD/EUR. The SE edition with 4 basses is 149.99 USD/EUR, while the individual basses are 69.99 USD/EUR each. The bundle of Modo Bass 2 and Modo Drum 1.5 is 399.99 USD/EUR. All prices ex. VAT where applicable.

Modo Bass 2 Custom Shop is also available as a free software program that anyone can download and comes with one of the world’s most popular basses, the ’60s P-Bass.

More information: IK Multimedia