IK Multimedia has announced the release of the T-RackS Tape Machine Collection, a new collection of plugins that recreates the iconic sound and character of four classic tape recording machines from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s: the Ampex 440B, the Studer A80, the MCI JH24 and the Revox PR99.

In addition to finely detailed machine emulations, the collection also offers a selection of reel-to-reel tape formulas, variable tape speed, transport controls, and other tone shaping features.

Many of the world’s greatest songs were recorded on analog tape machines and featured the desirable and pleasing saturation, EQ and cohesion that could only come from a tape machine. Today, working with classic machines can be an expensive and time-consuming proposition. The T-RackS Tape Machine Collection offers this sought after warmth and character in a cost-effective package with a modern-day, practical workflow.

This new collection is the culmination of two years of full time research and development on real world-class machines. Each machine went through a complete electronic and mechanical renovation to bring it perfectly back “to specs” before IK’s DSP engineering team took each stage apart, studying and analysing them to produce a model of the entire magnetic tape recording process.

This model works in symbiosis with a powerful dynamic convolution engine to capture the full essence of the real machine, and the T-RackS Tape Machine Collection faithfully brings all this magic right to any DAW.

T-RackS Tape Machine Collection features

  • Includes 4 module processors: Tape Machine 24, Tape Machine 80, Tape Machine 99, Tape Machine 440.
  • Full 14 day free trial period.
  • Individual processors or part of the T-RackS processing chain.
  • 64-bit native support.
  • 32-bit 192 kHz support.
  • T-RackS Custom Shop integration.
  • Individual processors also available separately.

The T-RackS Tape Machine Collection bundle is available at a special introductory price of only 99.99 USD/EUR through June 30th, 2019 (regular 199.99 USD/EUR each). Each Tape Machine Single will also have a special introductory price of 79.99 USD/EUR (regular 99.99 USD/EUR each).

All prices excluding taxes where applicable.

More information: IK Multimedia