IK Multimedia has announced the release of the UNO Synth Pro Black Edition, shipping the award-winning analog synthesizer in a limited-edition finish.

IK’s award-winning true analog synthesizer now sports a bold new look. Featuring classic analog sound, incredible flexibility, an inspiring workflow and complete connectivity, this little black synth is perfect for every occasion.

Inside and out are all the sound-shaping features that users and reviewers loved in 2021, only back in black. No matter what genre or workflow, whether the rig is PC-based or outboard, whether on stage or in the studio, UNO Synth Pro Black Edition is guaranteed to make users look and sound their best.

UNO Synth Pro Black Edition is available while supplies last at a special price of 349.99 USD/EUR (regular 399.99 USD/EUR). An optional USB power bank for UNO Synth Pro Black is available for 29.99 USD/EUR. All pricing excluding taxes.

More information: IK Multimedia / UNO Synth Pro Black Edition