IK Multimedia has announced an free update for all version of its AmpliTube 5, letting users now employ TONEX Stomp Tone Models within AmpliTube to create signature signal chains like never before.

Now you can enjoy the Premium Stomp Tone Models included with TONEX, the ones you capture using TONEX software, and your favorite ToneNET Stomp Tone Models, all inside AmpliTube 5.

TONEX Stomp works just like other AmpliTube gear. Similar to TONEX Amp, TONEX Stomp appears as a pedal type in AmpliTube. Just drag its icon onto your signal chain and use the edit button to load any of the TONEX Stomp Tone Models stored on your local drive.

AmpliTube 5.5.3 is available from the IK Product Manager.

Additionally, AmpliTube 5 MAX owners qualify for a limited-time crossgrade option to get TONEX with 400 Premium Tone Models for only 49.99 USD/EUR. The promotion is valid through December 31st, 2022.

More information: IK Multimedia