IK Multimedia has announced an update to the SampleTron 2 collection of multi-sampled tape-based and early digital samplers.

Version 2.0.1 brings the same ultra-user-friendly MIDI Learn functionality that appears in IK’s highly-acclaimed Hammond B-3X and flagship SampleTank 4 products.

Now you can simply right-click on any parameter in the GUI, select MIDI Learn, then move the controller that you want to assign to that parameter. There’s also a MIDI Assignments window available to fine-tune or delete existing controller assignments.

Controls you might consider assigning to MIDI CC are the Tone, Treble and Bass on the main aluminum panel. You could also assign the Filter Cutoff on the Edit page, Pan and Volume for each of the 3 tracks, as well as effects parameters from the Effects page.

In SampleTron 2, MIDI controller assignments are stored globally for the app. So you set them once, and they work for all presets. Now it’s easier than ever to create new and exciting tones in SampleTron 2!

The update is available to SampleTron 2 users from the IK Product Manager.

More information: IK Multimedia