ILIO has announced a limited time offer for Pulse-Tec EQs from Nomad Factory.

Nomad Factory Pulse-Tec EQs promotion at ILIO

Nomad Factory Pulse-Tec EQs promotion at ILIO – Just $30 until April 30th

Available through Monday, April 30, 2012, Nomad Factory’s Pulse-Tec EQs will be offered at over 75% off the retail price of $129, making it $30.

Nomad Factory’s Pulse-Tec EQs combines the legendary Pultec Mid-Range Equalizer MEQ-5 and the well-known Pultec Program Equalizer EQP-1A into a single high quality plug-in, the PULSE-TEC EQs. The PULSE-TEC EQs’ sections can be enabled or disabled individually or used simultaneously for full range analog equalizations. Also included is an analog Pre-Amp section that adds Input Level and Output Level controls, as well as a simple ‘Clipper’ limiter at the master output section.

More information: ILIO