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ILIO has launched Samplebase, a website that licenses collections of sound-samples, musical recordings, MIDI sequences, patches (collectively “SoundBlocks”), and software.

SoundBlocks are available in a wide range of sounds, including samples from various ILIO titles. The SoundBlocks cost between $19 and $39, for 20MB up to 200MB content.

To use the SoundBlocks you’ll need Satellite, a free plug-in instrument that works with your VST or Audio Units host application (such as Cubase, Live, Sonar, Logic, Digital Performer, etc.).

From the Satellite page:

Satellite lets you load Samplebase SoundBlocks and perform them in a creative, fun, and inspiring way with little effort. Each sound in every SoundBlock has been carefully crafted and programmed by working professionals to give you instant inspiration. With syncable LFO’s, 3 ADSTR envelopes, syncable effects, great sounding filters, time stretching, key/pitch shifting, and much more, and the ability to control these features on the fly from your MIDI controller, you have one powerful (and fun) music-making machine!

Check this page for a list of Satellite and SatellitePro features. (Satellite Pro is coming soon)

Visit ILIO for more information.