ILIO Origins

ILIO announces the release of 3.5 GB library dedicated to ancient instruments, Origins.

Produced by Dirk Campbell (World Winds), Origins is an exploration into the depths of human history, dating all the way back to the first known plucked-string instruments. This collection is replete with unusual, intriguing instrument multisamples and phrases, performed by expert players with a passion for ancient music.

Origins’ vivid, dramatic samples promise to add sonic and musical interest to historical and archaeological productions, film scores, World Music soundtracks, Left-Field rock and pop, creative remixes and any recordings that require imaginative sound design and innovative textures.

Instrument categories include:

  • Ancient horns
  • Flutes and Pipes
  • Stringed instruments
  • Male Vocals
  • Group Vocals
  • Bold Ambient Drums
  • Studio Percussion, including cymbals, tribal drums, more…
  • Cinematic FX

Origins comes on one DVD formatted for both EXS 24 and Gigastudio. Sound demos are available.
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