ILIO has announced its newest partnership with US-based Delta Sound Labs and the release of Stream, a time-based linear granulator for sound design, intricate delays, and live performance.

Delta Sound Labs Stream

Delta Sound Labs is an audio technology company made up of passionate artists and engineers focused on bridging analog and digital domains to create new FX and instruments for the music, film, and gaming industries. Having specialized in designing Eurorack Modules for quite some time, Delta Sound Labs has brought their talents into the software world with Stream.

Granular synthesis has been known to take one of two approaches: frequency based or linear (time-based). Contrary to most granular audio effects on the market, Stream is linear or time-based, and provides new ways to granulize and manipulate samples and live audio sources.

Stream is a highly creative audio effect and boasts extremely low latency making it ideal for live performance.

Stream features

  • Tempo Sync: Synchronize the grains with the tempo of your host.
  • Low latency: Ideal for live performance.
  • Capture: Capture an audio excerpt and manipulate the audio.
  • Three Envelopes: Triangle, Q-able Gaussian, and Noise.
  • Up to 16 granular voices.
  • Time stretching/scrubbing.
  • MIDI buffer sequencing and re-pitching.

Stream for Windows and Mac is available for purchase for $49 USD.

More information: ILIO