Ilya Efimov Production has launched Irish Wind Tin Whistle, a new ethnic folk instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Ilya Efimov Irish Tin Whistle

The Irish Tin Whistle library is an instrument based on a highly playable legato system. Ilya Efimov sampled all possible intervals in several versions. Thus, a user gets all-natural realistic legato and full control over dynamics and expression, as well as the ability to add and control vibrato and frullato.

There is a variety of articulations: mordent, grace note (forshlag), slides, staccato, trill and rolls and a unique system of articulation switching. The library also contains additional features such as Repetition Key and Attack mode. A user can reassign keyswitches and MIDI controllers, saving all settings on a computer.

Tin Whistle features

  • 717 MB ncw compressed format.
  • 1166 samples, 44,1 Hz \24-bit, stereo.
  • 2 natural legato types: normal and glissando.
  • 10 different articulations.
  • Realistic dynamic from p to f.
  • Two vibrato types.
  • Control of realistic vibrato and frullato.
  • Reassignable keyswitches and midi-controllers.
  • 3 modes of legato performance.
  • Repetition key.
  • Attack mode.
  • 6 round-robin for staccato.

The library is available for purchase for 49 EUR. Requires full retail version of Kontakt 5.4 or higher.

More information: Ilya Efimov / Irish Tin Whistle