Image-Line announces FL Studio Remix Contest

One Day - David Latour feat. DeMarco

Image-Line has announced the first FL Studio Remix Contest, with prizes up to $1,000 USD.

For our first remix contest we managed to get our hands on the vocals & guitar part of ‘One Day’ a song from DJ David Latour featuring DeMarco.

How to enter?

  1. Download the samples : Rar (13mb) or Zip (18mb)
  2. Create a remix (in FL Studio) using these samples.
  3. Upload it to our (or your own) servers before September 30th.
  4. Post the link to it in this thread (you need to be registered at the Image-Line forums).

Visit Image-Line for more information.

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how do u work with wav samples in fl studio

Tech Stan
Tech Stan

I´m very interesting…
Can i use others VST plugins or just only the plugins from FLP ?


pls help I cant upload the mp3. i am not getting the option for upload pl explain step by step


yes I already have registered. please explain me step by step