Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on PoiZone by Image-Line, a subtractive synth instrument for Windows and Mac.

PoiZone is a subtractive software synthesizer designed to bring you professional quality results, without a learning curve that hinders your creativity.

The concept behind PoiZone was to design a synthesizer that had the smallest number of controls while providing the maximum flexibility and features.

Useless knobs were ruthlessly removed so what remains is a UI where every knob counts. Once you have spent some time auditioning the preset patches we are sure you will agree that PoiZone packs a lot of punch in what appears to be a simple package, enjoy!

PoiZone (VST) is on sale for only £35.95 GBP/$39 USD until October 31st, 2021.

More information: Image-Line PoiZone