Image-Line has squashed various bugs reported by customers in a maintenance update for the recent FL Studio 20.8.

Version 20.8.1 also adds new features and tweaks to further improve your workflow.

Changes in FL Studio 20.8.1

  • Piano roll menu: Moved piano roll Helper options to View menu as it is more logical for new and forgetful users 🙂.
  • Parametric EQ 2: Added context aware type-in value support for Frequency and Gain controls. For example you can type 2000 for 2000 Hz or -6 for -6 dB.
  • Granulizer: Added context aware type-in value support. For example type in 50 instead of 0.5 to set a control to 50%.
  • Maximus: Added Monitor Input selector option in the Settings Menu for band visualization.
  • PanOMatic: Internal modulation (LFO) now previews on the XY control display.
  • Keyboard Controller: Preview keyboard Keys light up when notes are active.
  • ZGE Visualizer: Added an option to pre-load audio, to allow videos with audio playback.
  • Performance monitor: New filter option to focus on a specific plugin. Also can now be opened by double-clicking the CPU Panel.
  • Keyboard Shortcut Keys: Changed ‘Paste value’ in some menus from ‘p’ to ‘v’. Check the menu hints.
  • Mixer: Increased the maximum width of the Mixer so all tracks can be shown without having to scroll. Assuming your monitor/s are wide enough.
  • Touch keyboard: The maximum width of the Touch Keyboard now depends on the key size.
  • Diagnostic: Includes information about the number and resolution of computer screens in use.
  • MIDI scripting: Allow selection of next and previous plugin presets. channels.selectOneChannel now scrolls to the selected Channel. New functions: Screen functions: removeTextLine and addMeter. getLastPeakVol returns last peak value. Channels function getActivityLevel to show Channel activity. Patterns function burnLoop. Optional parameter to channels.showCSForm to allow closing a window.
  • Various bugfixes.

The update is free to existing FL Studio users as part of Image-Line’s Lifetime Free Updates policy. New users can try a free time unlimited trial version.

More information: Image-Line