Image-Line Sytrus VSTi

Sytrus 2 features 4 new filter types, enhanced editing in the harmonics section, a brand new arpeggiating system built-in multi-point envelopes, plus over 350 presets.

There is a time limited group buy offer until October 31st so head on over to the Sytrus website if you are interested in getting this one.

New features:

  • 4 new filters for a total 12×5 different filter types.
  • Arpeggiating system built-in multi-point envelopes, through arpeggiator break-points, allowing multi-oscillator arpeggiated sequences. No longer use fixed rhythmic patterns, adapt them to your composition.
  • Improved editing in harmonics editor, allowing to lock individual harmonics, and exporting/sharing waveforms as audio files.
  • Audio files can now have their volume envelope analyzed & turned into a multipoint envelope.
  • User can now select different band types for the main equalizer.
  • Lots of new presets.

I’ve only recently used Sytrus for the first time and I was impressed with it’s sound and possibities. Time to download the Sytrus 2 demo!