Image-Line has released VSTi versions of sample slicing tool Slicex, and audio editing & recording tool Edison.

Slicex uses advanced beat detection algorithms to slice song/percussion samples into pieces and make them independently playable from the Piano roll or controller.

If the wave file contains slice/region data this will be automatically used instead of the beat-detection algorithm. Slicex offers playback, reordering of slices and time-stretching capabilities optimized for drum loops.

Image-Line Slicex

Slicex, smart looking slicer

Slicex features

  • Loading & slicing samples – Slicex can load and slice two independent samples/loops into decks A and B (accessed from the Wave Editor).
  • Editing samples – Slicex includes a Wave Editor with all the power of Edison, so you can edit, mangle, process and tweak slices to perfection.
  • Express yourself – Programmed variations are the key to expressive control and Slicex has infinite variation as a design principle. Any number of regions, within and between decks, can be layered/crossfaded using the settings on the Master Panel. Region slices may be assigned to any or all keys. All the while, these samples and layers are under the control of the articulator section that includes filters, envelopes, LFOs and more.
  • Think outside the loop – Yes, Slicex is the perfect loop/beat slicer and percussion powerhouse. Slicex will process any source audio with ease – why not try it on melodic parts, vocals, guitar tracks or whole songs! The creative and sonic possibilities are endless.


Edison is an audio editing and recording tool that loads into any VST compatible effects location and will then record or play audio from that position.

Image-Line Edison

Edison features

  • Optimized for sampler use (sampler region, seamless looping).
  • Drumloop slicing (auto-slicing, slice manipulation).
  • Quick drag & drop support (between instances or to your sequencer/other plugins).
  • Various recording modes (start/stop with host, on audio input, can also work as transparent audio logger).
  • Time manipulation (time stretching/pitch shifting, scratching).
  • Effects: convolution reverb, blur, linear-phase equalization, …
  • High-quality resampling.
  • The smoothest spectral analysis display.
  • Click-free editing.
  • Full undo history.
  • Intuitive editing with key feature tool-buttons.
  • (Pascal) scripted manipulation of waveforms.
  • Control surface support (FL Studio 8 version).

Slicex and Edison are currently available for Windows PC only. Slicex is temporarily priced at $79 USD (regular price is $99 USD), while Edison is $99 USD.

Visit Image-Line for more information.