Imaginando has announced version 2.0 of its DLYM Delay Modulator, bringing a fresh new look to its free chorus and flanger effect plugin.

Imaginando DLYM 2

DLYM 2.0 features a refined user interface, adopting a vibrant new color scheme and a sleek set of new UI controls, re-positioned with the addition of static parameter values for ease of use.

At Imaginando we’re as passionate about visual design as we are about sound design. In addition to sound quality and functionality, for a product to feel great, ensuring that it looks great is a vital part of the mix for us.

As a free, cross-platform, effects plugin, DLYM provides chorus and flanger effects for both desktop and mobile DAWs, in a range of plugin formats for Windows, Mac and iOS.

DLYM 2.0 features

  • 2 processing modes – ‘Analog emulation’ and ‘Dimension style’.
  • 6 time syncable modulation waveforms – Sine, Square, Saw, Triangle, Sample & Hold and Filtered Sample & Hold.
  • Adjustable stereo spread.
  • Crossover/cutoff to control frequency range of the effect.
  • Built-in preset/patch manager including 25 factory patches.

Previously available as a VST and AU plugin, Pro Tools users can now also use the updated version as the AAX formats is now supported as well. The iOS/AUv3 version has also been updated.

More information: Imaginando