IMEA Drums Creator

IMEA Studio has released IMEA Drums Creator, a sequencer/sampler designed to generate drum sounds.

It is ideal for creating loops that can be used by loops sequencers softwares.

IMEA Drums Creator features

  • Sequencer
    • 16 Patterns per instrument.
    • 64 steps per pattern.
    • Settings of velocity of notes.
    • Tool to help you create patterns and to improvise drum solos.
  • Parameters
    • REV : When a sample receives a Key On, the wave is played in reverse.
    • V-Tune : Setting the action of the velocity on the Tune.
    • Tune : Setting the tune of the sample.
    • V-Level : Setting the action of the velocity on the Level.
    • Level : Adjusting the output level.
    • Pan : Setting pan.
    • MUTE : Sets to 0 the output level.
    • 2 effect sends.
  • Mixage
    • Function to create loops files with starts and ends automatically adjusted.
    • 2 effect sends per instrument.
    • Compatible with VST effects.
    • Sampling rate of 44.1Khz to 192Khz.
    • Saving the output mix in WAVE or MP3.
    • Compatible with ASIO audio output drivers.
  • Effects delivered with the sequencer:
    • IMEA Reverb.
    • IMEA Delay.
    • IMEA Compressor.
    • IMEA Chorus.
    • IMEA Flanger.

IMEA Drums Creator for Windows is available to purchase for 36 EUR. A trial version can be downloaded from the IMEA website.

More information: IMEA / Drums Creator