Impact Soundworks has announced the upcoming version 2 of Peak Rider, a dynamics processor plugin for Windows and Mac.

Peak Rider 2 aims to be a versatile tool for mixing, production, and sound design that builds on the unique design of the original Peak Rider plugin.

Impact Soundworks Peak Rider 2

Going far beyond basic compression and limiting, Peak Rider 2 is an all-in-one dynamics processor that can totally reshape both the dynamics and frequency curve of any audio content.

At its core, the plugin takes a sidechain signal – which can be a copy of the main signal, an external input, OR an internally generated tone – and creates a peak envelope, which can then be matched, added, subtracted, and otherwise manipulated for all kinds of interesting and useful effects.

Version 2 comes with a new EQ Mode.

Impact Soundworks Peak Rider 2 EQ

EQ Mode is a surgical parametric EQ with up to 12 bands / 6 band modes (bell, lo-cut, etc) ideal for precision frequency shaping. But what truly makes this mode special is that the MIX knob acts as a gain compensator for your EQ changes. At 100% mix, even the steepest cuts and boosts will be matched to the dynamics of the original signal, keeping the overall volume the same!

Also new is the Internal Sidechain Synth.

Impact Soundworks Peak Rider 2 Internal Sidechain Synth

In V1, Peak Rider could use an external sidechain to control the main input, OR it could simply process the main input based on its own peaks. In PR2, we’ve added an internal sidechain generator – a pure sine tone or pink noise spectrum – both of which can be mixed and equalized to taste. These tools allow you to set a precise volume level and frequency curve used to match or process your main signal.

For example, if you need to tame an unruly vocal part, simple generate a sine tone at the desired volume level and, with EXACT mode, the vocal will adjust to match that consistent volume level. The range of this processing can be adjusted with the Range and Mix knobs, and the envelope response adjusted as well.

Changes in Peak Rider 2

  • AAX/RTAS Compatibility.
  • EQ Mode.
  • Smoother parameter automation.
  • Informative GUI metering.
  • SC Input Processor (EQ, volume, gain).
  • SC signal generator.
  • RMS algorithm overhaul.
  • New presets.
  • Undo/Redo buttons.
  • Preset cycling buttons.
  • Updated registration hardware encoding.

Peak Rider 2 will be available soon, for an MSRP of $99 USD, with a $10 USD upgrade price for Peak Rider 1 users.

More information: Impact Soundworks / Peak Rider