Impact Soundworks has announced that it is now offering USB shipping for its sample libraries.

Impact Soundworks USB shipping

Now available to all customers worldwide is our brand-new USB drive shipping option. For a small fee ($25 in the U.S., $30 international) we will load your entire sample library purchase on to a high-quality flash drive and ship it straight to your door.


  • All libraries are pre-extracted and ready to be copied to your hard drive.
  • Your entire order will contain the very latest patches and sounds fully updated.
  • No need to worry about interrupted or incomplete downloads.
  • No messing around with RAR extraction.
  • Perfect for larger orders or if you have a slow connection.

You can select the USB shipping option in your cart while shopping at our website, or on the checkout page. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery in the United States, and up to 11 days for international orders (depending on location).

We hope you will find this new option useful and convenient – it’s the first of several new upgrades to our e-commerce platform, the rest of which are coming soon!

More information: Impact Soundworks