Impact Soundworks has announced the release of Curio, a new virtual instrument compilation for Kontakt 4+ featuring a deeply sampled, prepared, and deconstructed toy piano conceptualized and recorded by sound designer Ali Lacey.

CURIO contains 23 different patches created from acoustic/electronic sound sources and re-synthesis techniques. These patches feature a treasure trove of atonal material, percussion, and textures including mallet and pluck articulations, bowing/tapping ambience, FX, processed hits, wet hits, and deep bass hits.

Impact Soundworks was founded in 2007 by composers Andrew Aversa and Will Roget, II with the goal of creating innovative, affordable and unique sample libraries “designed with composers in mind.” Its critically acclaimed catalog of instruments has been used by thousands of composers around the world in film, television, video game and other music productions.

“Sometimes the humblest of instruments provides a wealth of inspirational material. Curio is a brilliant example of this! In contrast to ‘epic’, high-energy and intense sounds, the sounds of Curio have a subtle, ethereal quality that we think you’ll find highly captivating and useful,” said Aversa.

To inspire new and unique sound design possibilities, CURIO has a beautiful scripted interface with deep editing controls, including filters, EQs, convolution, and more. In addition, the 1400+ samples used in the designing process are included as NCW and standalone WAV for drag-and-drop use and further editing, mangling, and re-processing.

Curio Cinematic Toy Piano features

  • 23 unique instrument patches for KONTAKT 4+.
  • Deep-sampled mallets and plucks.
  • Bowed ambience, tapping, shaking textures.
  • Processed and natural percussive hits.
  • Tonal and atonal textures / sweeps.
  • Deep bass plucks and FX.
  • Hybrid airy/synthesized and chromatic sounds.
  • Intimate micing.
  • Beautiful scripted interface.
  • Envelopes, filters and user-controlled FX.
  • 1,400+ samples available as both NCW and standalone WAV for further mangling.

Curio is available to purchase for the introductory price of $59 USD until September 10th, 2013 (regular $79 USD).

More information: Impact Soundworks / Curio