Impact Soundworks has announced the release of Forest Frame Drums, a new collection of authentic sampled hand percussion for the Kontakt platform.

ISW Forest Frame Drums GUI

The library features three traditional hand-crafted instruments from the Ojibway tribe with meticulous depth, playability, and an intimate sound with natural ambience.

The three drums recorded for the library include the Forest Drum, a well-rounded sound with a bright reverb tail on loud hits, the Deep Drum, an earthier, lower-pitched instrument ideal for bass accompaniment, and the Small Drum, with a higher pitch and straightforward playing style. In total, nearly 40 articulations were recorded between all three drums, with extremely detailed sampling (up to 15x RR variations / 6x dynamic layers).

Impact Soundworks was founded in 2007 by composers Andrew Aversa and Will Roget, II with the goal of creating innovative, affordable and unique sample libraries “designed with composers in mind.” Its critically acclaimed catalog of instruments has been used by thousands of composers around the world in film, television, video game and other music productions.

“With this library, we wanted to capture the sound of the frame drum in a more traditional style and natural setting,” said Aversa, lead designer of the library. “You can still create an epic sound with these drums, but you can also write very intimate and emotional pieces at a softer dynamic.”

In addition to over 2,000 WAV-format samples, Forest Frame Drums includes three advanced patches for Kontakt 4+ sporting a beautiful custom interface and script. Composers can easily adjust tone, reverb ambience, stereo width, and other parameters with a single click, or set up and customize ensemble playing with the unique ensemble builder.

The Forest Frame Drums library is available to purchase for $49 USD.

More information: Impact Soundworks / Forest Frame Drums