Impact Soundworks Groove Bias

Impact Soundworks has released Groove Bias Mini, a free demo drum kit from the Groove Bias vintage drum library.

The Tape Kit Mini contains all the components found in the full Tape Kit patch – kicks, snares, hats, toms, overheads/room mics, and cymbals – with just one velocity and round robin per part. The full version has anywhere from 40 to 150 samples per kit part, but the Mini is still fun to play with. You’ll get a good idea of the tone of this particular kit, and you’re free to use it in any of your productions. We’ve also included the FULL version of the Tape Kit ride patch, including its room mic.

While these particular patches are Kontakt 2 format, since there are only a small amount of actual WAVs, you can easily program them for use in any sampler.

Visit Impact Soundworks for more information and a link to download Groove Bias Mini.