Impact Soundworks has released its next-generation virtual guitar instrument Shreddage 2: Absolute Electric Guitar.

Impact Soundworks Shreddage 2

Featuring a seven-string guitar sampled in extreme depth with a custom scripted interface, this rock & metal-focused sample library, powered by Native Instruments Kontakt Player, is the sequel to Impact Soundworks’ critically-acclaimed “Shreddage: Electric Rhythm Guitar” collection.

“Shreddage 2” is designed for maximum realism and playability, incorporating a huge range of guitar techniques: sustains, powerchords, staccatos, palm mutes, portamento slides, hammeron/pull-offs, multiple vibrato types, and neck slides, to name just a few. Combined with an intelligent scripting engine and advanced customization options, the library allows users to create virtually any rhythm or lead guitar part with ease.

Impact Soundworks, a joint venture between award-winning composers Andrew Aversa and Wilbert Roget, II, was founded in 2007 with the goal of creating innovative, affordable and unique sample libraries that are “designed with composers in mind.”

“Shreddage 2 is, without a doubt, our most advanced and powerful instrument yet. We listened to all of our users and incorporated as much of their feedback as possible,” said Aversa, lead developer of the library. “But just as exciting is the fact that it’s compatible with Native Instruments Kontakt Player. You don’t need any other samplers or plugins to use Shreddage 2 – it’s all in the box, so to speak!”

Along with support for Kontakt Player, “Shreddage 2” also includes a free virtual amp simulator by Peavey Electronics, “ReValver HPse.” This cross-platform plugin comes bundled with custom presets that make it incredibly easy to dial in anything from shimmering clean tones to thick hi-gain sounds. Customers can then upgrade to more fully-featured versions of ReValver at an exclusive low rate.

Shreddage 2: Absolute Electric Guitar is available to purchase for the introducotry price of $119 USD through the end of December. Owners of the original Shreddage library can purchase at a discounted price of $99 USD.

More information: Impact Soundworks / Shreddage 2