Impact Soundworks has announced Shreddage 2X, a major update to the popular Shreddage 2 virtual electric guitar library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The “Shreddage 2X” update includes a total overhaul of the instrument’s UI and underlying engine, adding new features, refinements, options, and even new recordings like powerchord portamento & staccato samples.

Changes in Shreddage 2X

  • UI has been totally redone from the ground up in the style of Archtop. It looks way better, and it’s more intuitive. Check out the Info Bar along the bottom for help text with various controls.
  • The underlying engine has been completely rewritten, from string logic to portamento and double-tracking. Fewer bugs! Better string selection!
  • The entire instrument has been transposed up one octave to make room for new keyswitches.
  • New FX pedals have been added, along with more control over existing FX like the Skreamer pedal or BITE EQ depth.
  • New “Thrash Note” feature. When enabled, select a keyswitch. This key will trigger the LAST played note. Useful for live performance / fast parts.
  • New custom keyswitches. Articulations can now be assigned to keyswitches, instead of (or in addition to) velocities. Keyswitches can be “latched”, or not. Latching means when you press the keyswitch, that articulation will remain on until you press another keyswitch. Without latching, you have to HOLD the key for the articulation to stick.
  • New “Random Resonance” feature. This optional setting will allow for random string resonance, particularly on higher velocities. This can add a bit of extra dirt and sloppiness to your playing.. all in the name of realism!
  • New “Pick Offset” feature. Use this to cut into the sample start time of all notes. Great if you want a snappier response and LESS pick attack.
  • New Velocity -> Volume and Velocity Curve controls. With Velocity to Volume, you can allow the velocity of your keystrokes to affect volume. With a value of 100%, velocity makes a BIG difference on volume, while 0% is like the original S2 playing mode. Or use anything in between! Velocity Curve lets you smoothly adjust the response of the instrument.
  • Various tweaked + improved engine settings (i.e. more options for release noise / extra pick sound).
  • New MIDI CCs. You can now tweak portamento wait time, change the unison bend CC, and tune individual strings +/- 7 semitones.
  • New + tweaked keyswitches.

Shreddage 2 is currently on sale for $99 USD (regular $139 USD). It is compatible with the free Kontakt 5 Player and includes a free copy of Revalver HPse, the amp sim by Peavey.

More information: Impact Soundworks / Shreddage 2