Impact Soundworks has announced the release of Shreddage Bass 2, a bass guitar instrument library for Kontakt featuring a versatile fingered playing style performed by master bassist, composer, and session musician Tony Dickinson.

Impact Soundworks Bass Shreddage 2

Our finest virtual bass: a badass six-string, custom-made Muckelroy recorded through a legendary vacuum tube preamp!

The superb realism, depth, and stunning tone of Shreddage Bass 2 is perfect for rock, metal, fusion, pop and much more.

Shreddage Bass 2 features

  • Custom-made 6-string electric bass.
  • 11,000+ samples recorded w/ true TUBE DI.
  • Four and a half octave range starting at low G.
  • Fingered playing style, up to 32x samples per note.
  • Sustain, staccato, hammer-on & pull-off.
  • Harmonics, portamento slides, FX.
  • Powerful performance engine w/ FX + tweaking.
  • Hundreds of finger noise + pop samples.
  • Compatible with FREE Kontakt Player.

Shreddage Bass 2 for Kontakt and Kontakt Player is available for purchase for $119 USD.

More information: Impact Soundworks / Shreddage Bass 2