Impact Soundworks has launched Shreddage Classic, a total conversion of the original Shreddage 1 Complete library (Shreddage 1 + Shreddage X) to the new Shreddage 2X engine.

We’ve ported all of the original audio from that library and made it more flexible and better than ever.

Now you can use awesome S2 engine features like Kontakt Player compatibility, custom articulation mapping, keyswitching, full FX rack, drop G tuning, quad-tracking and much more.

Shreddage Classic features

  • Deep sampled Gibson SG Standard – a very aggressive sound perfect for rhythm playing.
  • Single note & powerchord sustains and palm mutes of different levels.
  • Tremolo and vibrato samples.
  • Wide pinch squeals AND harmonics.
  • True portamento slides for single notes + powerchords.
  • Scripted hammer-on/pull-off.
  • Up to 8x RR (4x up 4x down) per note.
  • ~3 octave range for single notes, 2 octave for powerchords.
  • All UI features from Shreddage 2X (minus fretboard, as S1 did not utilize multiple string samples per note).

The expansion is available for purchase for $39 USD. Owners of the original Shreddage 1 Complete can upgrade for $25 USD.

More information: Impact Soundworks / Shreddage Classic