Impact Soundworks has released Shreddage X, an expansion library for the Shreddage virtual guitar library for Kontakt.

After over 6 months of development, we’ve released an expansion to our ever-popular Shreddage DI/clean electric guitar library for Kontakt!

Entitled “Shreddage X”, this upgrade adds 1,000 new samples – more than in the original – and such articulations as non-pinched vibrato, tremolo picking, harmonics, hard sustains, release stops, as well as new portamento and hammered legato, upgraded mapping and more.

In keeping in line with our policy of keeping libraries affordable, Shreddage X is available as a download for only $20 for owners of the original Shreddage library. For those that don’t have the original, both libraries can be purchased in a bundle for only $69!

Shreddage X features

  • Kontakt 4 format.
  • Ab tuning.
  • Non-pinched vibrato.
  • Harmonics.
  • Aggressive sustains.
  • Tremolo picking.
  • True recorded slides (single notes + powerchords).
  • Hammered legato.
  • Single-note release stops.
  • Scripted legato controls.
  • Upgraded mapping.

The Shreddage X expansion is available to purchase for $20 USD. The Shreddage Complete Bundle is $69 USD.

More information: Impact Soundworks