Impact Soundworks has released Shreddage, a multi-sampled electric rhythm guitar sample library for Kontakt.

Shreddage is a DI guitar sample library like no other. Rather than trying to cover every possible technique or style, it is focused entirely on rhythm playing in a rock/metal style. The result of this intense design focus (and two full years of research and development) is an extremely playable and realistic instrument.

This library isn’t just for composers, though it is very easy to use in the context of trailer cues, video game arrangements and other massive productions. It’s also a great tool for producers and even guitarists!

Shreddage requires next to no editing or humanization to sound realistic right out of the box, and thus can be dropped in a track to fill it out, doubling a real guitarist or serving as a highly-accurate placeholder or demo until live guitars are recorded.

The Kontakt patches feature a scripted interface that allows you to easily tweak envelopes and EQ, but does not require any sort of fancy keyswitches or MIDI CC control to use. Just load and play – each hand gets a different type of articulation, and velocities handle the rest. Swap out individual patches to tweak your performance multi.

For years we’ve read that it’s simply not possible to have realistic guitar samples without loops. We’re confident that with this library, we’ve proved the doubters wrong!

Shreddage features

  • Shreddage was performed and recorded by master rock & metal guitarist Juan Medrano (, a frequent collaborator of library producer Andrew Aversa.
  • The guitar used was a 6-string classic which is considered a standard of metal music. It was recorded at 24 bits / 44.1khz through an Avalon U5 DI into a Presonus Firebox in mono, the format which all of the samples are presented in.
  • Eight round robins for almost every patch (covering both down and up strokes) meaning the “machine gun” effect will never be a problem, even for the darkest thrash metal riffs.
  • All audio content for this library is “unlocked” and editable in WAV format.
  • Combined with a wide variety of crucial articulations, tuning that goes down to Bb, double-tracked patches and effects, you can realize virtually any rhythm part out there.

Shreddage is available to purchase for $49 USD.

More information: Impact Soundworks / Shreddage