Impact Soundworks has announced the release of SNESVerb, a vintage game console reverb effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Impact Soundworks SNESVerb

One of the biggest requests from Super Audio Cart users was a standalone version of the SNESVerb effect we built into the instrument’s FX rack. Well, we’ve gone and done just that!

SNESVerb is a simple VST/AU plugin that reproduces the simulated “reverb” effect of the SNES video game console – a short tap delay line. We’ve also included some handy features like a downsampler, pre and post- processing filters, preset randomizer, and other convenient tools.

SNESVerb is a great tool if you’re making retro / 16-bit chiptunes, but it can also be used to add quick space to any instrument.

SNESVerb is available for purchase for $20 USD. It is free for Super Audio Cart users.

Impact Soundworks has also updated Super Audio Cart to version 1.2, offering improved arp and sequencer features for the Kontakt instrument with the sounds of eight legendary video game systems.

In version 1.2, we’ve added new tools making the arpeggiator/sequencer far more powerful, such as allowing step modulation of any parameter and ‘hold’ steps to create interesting per-layer polyrhythms.

More free updates and content are planned for Super Audio Cart through the end of this year, 2017 and beyond!

Changes in Super Audio Cart v1.2

  • New “SNESVerb” plugin.
  • New arp table: CUTOFF. Modulates filter cutoff with each step of the arp. This acts independently of any other cutoff modulation.
  • New arp table: PAN. Modulates layer pan with each step of the arp. This also acts independently.
  • New arp table: MOD. This sends modulation data.
  • Four new modulators: Mod tables A-D. Each layer’s MOD table can be used as a modulator for any other parameter.
  • Arp hold buttons. By disabling the buttons below each arp step, that step will not be triggered. Instead, the previous step will be held. By using these buttons (which are unique to each layer) you can create interesting and complex poly-rhythms.

Super Audio Cart for Kontakt & Kontakt Player is available for purchase for $149 USD.

More information: Impact Soundworks