Impact Soundworks has rolled out an update to its entire Shreddage 3 line of virtual guitars and basses.

Shreddage 3.5 features a substantially updated new engine that improves the user interface and realism of performances. The quality of sound and depth of sampling remain unchanged, but the user experience and performance are improved in significant ways:

  • The streamlined user interface is easier to use, keeping only essential controls on the front page and consolidating power features in a reduced number of additional tabs.
  • The improved string and fret engine makes more natural, human choices, resulting in a smoother performance and more realistic playback, even for the same MIDI data.
  • New Performance Styles let users identify the type of track they’re writing so the engine can automatically tailor its settings to best suit that style, saving time and eliminating the need to master power features in order to get great results.
  • Keyboard Mode bypasses the limits of a real guitar, so users can play as many notes as they want and lay down parts quickly and easily.
  • Updated Articulations tab improves consistency across the Shreddage series and makes it easier to customize how articulations are mapped and triggered.
  • New Console effects (such as new reverb and delay) give additional ways to shape the tone of each virtual guitar.

Customers who already own Shreddage 3 guitars can receive the new engine as a free update that will install alongside existing Shreddage 3, so this update will not affect existing projects that use an older version. All new purchases of any Shreddage 3 guitar will exclusively feature the updated engine.

“We’ve been iterating on our virtual guitar engine for over a decade now, and Shreddage 3.5 represents the best we have to offer yet,” said ISW president Andrew Aversa. “Most importantly, we listened carefully to user feedback to make sure this update addressed the most common requests from our customers.”

More information: Impact Soundworks