Impact: Steel is a library of multisampled hits, scrapes, rolls, and designed textures. The library includes 6 main patches, 8 special/alternately-mapped patches, and 16 FX patches in all, totaling 73 articulations.

The instruments on Impact: Steel include:

  • Large Steel Frame – Deep hits, thunderous clangs, scrapes, tremolos, and rolls from a three-sided 15″x15″x7″ frame. 20 articulations, up to 7 velocity layers and 2 round robin variations per articulation. Includes a secondary “Bass-FX” patch for an even deeper bass tone
  • Metal Spring – Plucks and scrapes from a 5.5″ metal spring. 3 articulations, 7 velocity layers. Includes a secondary “Tuned” patch for playing in pitch
  • FX Sweeps and Textures – Evocative ambient textures, drones, and sweeps, also sculpted from other Impact: Steel samples. These patches also feature dynamic filtering via modwheel, allowing for realtime timbral control

A few mp3 demos are available. Impact: Steel costs $79 (download, or $89 for a CD), and is available in Kontakt 2 format. (Gigastudio 3 and Kontakt 1 formats coming soon)

FlyingHand Percussion

FlyingHand Percussion is a dedicated Hand-Percussion sample library including over <40,000 individual samples.


  • Multisampled Hand Drums and Percussion with Legato Drumming™system
  • Cinematic Sound Effects and Virtual Ensembles derived from the real instruments
  • A unique Electronic Drums section

FHP comes with custom Reverb Impulses by Voxengo including numerous virtual spaces, and a Special edition of PSP Audioware Nitro Filterbank Plugin, with dedicated presets.

A full list of instruments is available, and you can listen to demo mp3s.

You can also download 2 free instruments (light versions of Djembe and Shadow Group) to get a hands on experience. FlyingHand Percussion costs $259 and is currently available in Kontakt 2 format.

Note: A 15% discount and FREE shipping promo is currently available when you buy direct (via ShareIt). The coupon code is: fhpzen

More information: Impact: Steel