Imperfect Samples Steinway Walnut Concert Grand

Imperfect Samples has announced the Steinway Walnut Concert Grand, a new sampled piano instrument.

Totalling over 54GB, Imperfect Samples’ Steinway & Sons 1908 Walnut Concert Grand has up to 100 layers spread across 4 microphone perspectives (up to 25 layers in each perspective). This is a world class concert grand piano with a rich, musical character. The tone of this concert grand is expressive, with a full-bodied timbre.

Featuring Imperfect Samples’ new IS Advanced Engine, the Steinway Walnut Concert Grand includes advanced sympathetic resonance, half-pedaling, true staccato articulations, true crotchet articulations, polyphony controls, human performance FX, randomizer, piano FX controls, custom velocity mapping, on-the-fly sample loading and more..

Painstakingly recorded imperfectly, as with all Imperfect Samples’ libraries, the emphasis has been placed on achieving a hyper-real and convincing sampled instrument, with performance sounds.

The Steinway Walnut Concert Grand will be available soon, in Kontakt, EXS24, and plugin formats (VST/AU).

More information: Imperfect Samples