Imperfect Samples extends Winter Group Buy

Imperfect Samples Braunschweig Upright Piano

Imperfect Samples has extended its Winter Group Buy to 22 February, 2010.

To join the Group Buy, make a purchase in the Imperfect Samples Group Buy Store, with the 50% maximum discount. You have then entered the Group Buy. When 81 entries are reached the 50% discount applies for all buyers and you don’t have to make an additional payment. If the 81 buyers are not reached at the end of the Group Buy, you will have to make an additional payment. This payment will be the difference between the lowest price you paid and the actual discount price.

You can buy as many products as you like. By joining a group buy you agree to wait until the end of the group buy OR when highest level is reached (+81 buyers), before receiving the product(s) and make the final payment if needed. If you would like your product now, purchase using the standard Imperfect Samples Store. (Standard purchases will not be included in the group buy).

The Group Buy includes the Braunschweig Upright and Baby White Grand products and upgrades.

More information: Imperfect Samples

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Come on guys & girls, I’ve put my order in for this one, they sound absolutely lovely. It’s up to 50 people (20% off) now so only 31 more and then the full 50% discount will be applied. Only a week to go I hope we manage to get the full discount as that makes it a complete bargain. Music to my ears!!


I lied, it’s now up to 51 buyers so that’s an instant 30% discount already off, 30 more people and we’ll all be saving 50% off! Rock & Roll!!!!