Indefinable Audio has a collection of frightening patches for Omnisphere 2 that are designed to help you add some serious scare to your music.

Afraid of the Dark contains 135 patches and 30 multis.

The patch library’s primary focus is on subtle horror, and it will find a nice home with film, TV, and game composers writing in the horror/thriller genre. The patches are quite dark, quite tense, and sometimes very disturbing.

The mod wheel is always mapped to add intensity and layering for each patch, and this lends itself quite well to scoring in real time. Use the mod wheel to add some subtle movement or swell to the sounds, or crank it up to take it to the extreme!

Afraid of the Dark includes:

  • 80 soundscape patches.
  • 40 BPM patches.
  • 15 unique bonus “Hits and Bits” patches.

The sound library is on sale for $28 USD until September 25th, 2020 (regular $35 USD). Afraid of the Dark – Free contains 20 patches from the Afraid of the Dark library.

The previously released Tension Builder for Omnisphere 2 is on sale for $39 USD during the promotion (regular $49 USD).

More information: Indefinable Audio