Indiginus has launched a new version of its Solid State Symphony, an orchestral instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Indiginus Solid State Symphony

Solid State Symphony is an orchestral simulation that also includes automated features like a Gated Pad, 2 sequencer-controlled pitch-modulated synth elements, our often disturbing Padscapes, and simple bass and percussion elements.

The orchestra sounds were modeled using analogue synth waveforms for a rich and warm sound.

A new make-over has given this unique library a clean look, with a mixing board to control the orchestra’s sections, where you can adjust level, key velocity zones, key ranges, transposition, and effects.

Solid State Symphony is meant to be played in real time, reacting to your touch by bringing in different layers and automated effects at different key velocities, and is great for sketching out ideas. Use it with other orchestral libraries to add richness and power.

The animated Orchestra Display gives you immediate feedback about which layers are playing, which is helpful when setting the velocity controls to fit your style. Plus, to be honest, it is just fun to watch while you play!

Whether you write orchestral, prog, pop, or hip hop, please have a look at Solid State Symphony. Check out the new Video Overview when you get a chance.

Solid State Symphony is available for purchase for $59 USD. Requires full version of Kontakt 5 (Kontakt 4 version also included). Previous customers of Solid State Symphony v1.4 can upgrade for $10 USD.

More information: Indiginus / Solid State Symphony