Industrial Strength Samples has launched its new underground cinematic collection Drift, a selection of drifting sounds, passing by with dark ambient textures.

Industrial Strength Drift

This incredible new pack fills another gap in our over collection. The pack offers up loads of atoms, subtle Impacts and really creative sounds to use for a multitude of applications.

This pack can be great with Ambient and Experimental styles of music. Drift is also great to lead your listener or to build tension or to just keep it chill and wind it down. Simple drift away to whatever is coming up in your film, music or game.

Speaking of games, these Drifts sound similar to DOOM’s eerie sounds while you navigate thru the Game. Just so you know, we have a one of our ISR music tracks in this classic Video Game..

Secrete level and all that. These new sounds will be a must have when doing Lo Fi, Horror Sci Fi, Games or Indie films. expect the unexpected, or of course just check the demo and see what you think.

The pack inlcudes:

  • 28 Atmos.
  • 25 Organic Atmos.
  • 46 Demo Audio.
  • 100 Drifts.
  • 55 Fast Drifts.
  • 42 Long Drifts.
  • 10 Drones.
  • 60 Fx Drifts.
  • 15 Impacts.
  • 20 Pass By.
  • 20 Rev Fx.

Drift is available for £12.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength Samples