Industrial Strength Samples takes a trip down memory lane with its latest sound pack 80’s Synth Funk, a collection that aims to inspire your next production with that real ’80s vibe.

Industrial Strength 80s Synth Funk

This modern retro pack gives you a new set of high quality audio tools to create that 80’s post disco sound with no compromises. We are fans and we think this pack is on point.

Our 80’s Synth Funk pack contains loads of Loops, Drums, Music Loops and the Midi Files all combined into 8 kicking Production Kits. This pack works well with many styles of music so you can mash it up to your harts content.

Except to find 100% License Free content to you to use your way. You can combine this pack with any of our other Nu Disco packs and you got yourself an arsenal of sonic goodies to create and inspire your next creation in a big way.

80’s Synth Funk features

  • 8 Guide Track.
  • 8 Production Kits.
  • 8 Midi Files.
  • 27 Synth Bass.
  • 29 Synth Pads.
  • 35 Synth leads.
  • 96 Drum Audio.
  • 49 Drum Shots.
  • 22 Various Synths.
  • 8 Guitars.
  • 5 Synth Arps.
  • 2 FX.
  • 2 Synth Strings.
  • 4 Synth Stabs.

The sound pack is available at Loopmasters for £24.95 GBP.

Owners of the Access Virus TI synth can take a look at the new Infected Virus TI sound pack by from Impulse Factory, which also includes a Native Instruments Kontakt version.

Industrial Strength Impulse Factory Infected Virus TI

The soundset includes 4 bass sounds, 13 leads, 10 fx, 9 pads, and 35 monster synths.

Impulse Factory created 71 ground up Presets that are great for Hard Dance, Hardcore, Raw-style, Up-Tempo, Industrial Hardcore, Mainstream Hardcore, Hard-style, French-core and EDM.

If you have a Virus Ti and you finding yourself not using it so much. Here is a super charged boost to inspire you. Each patch was made for these Multiple Hard-styles in mind. Infected Virus is ready for your signature touch.If you want to infect your Access Virus TI with another Industrial Strength sound-set for this amazing hardware synth. It’s here.

The soundset costs £19.95 GBP. A Kontakt version with 71 patches is £15.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength Samples