Industrial Strength Samples has returned with a new collection of license free movie samples aimed at spicing up your Hip Hop productions.

Industrial Strenght License Free Hip Hop Movie Clips

Our first pack was a huge blast of movies. So we thought maybe it was a good idea to take this new collection and give it a new twist. This pack does not include Clips from our last collection. All new content, we know you like that.

You’re ready for a Hip Hop Edition? We are. This new collection offers up all the texture of old school Movies without getting nicked for using stolen elements. We have answered that call in a big way. Now you can safely use 1000% License Free Clips to boost up your beats with no hassle or fuss.

This includes all the Vocal clips as well.

The pack includes 1,682 files:

  • 502 Vocal Movie Clips.
  • 278 Cine Movie Loops.
  • 152 Movie Loops.
  • 192 Cinematic Movie Loops.
  • 82 Hip Hop Cinematic Fx.
  • 79 Drum Shots.
  • 40 Filter Breaks.
  • 58 Lo Fi Breaks.
  • 22 Impacts.
  • 16 Lo FI Noise.
  • 18 SFX.
  • 18 Atmos+ Drone.
  • 17 Tones.
  • 30 Top Loops.
  • 5 Sub Drops.
  • 2 License Free Movie Bonus Packs.
  • 39 Samples.

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters for £27.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength Samples