Industrial Strength Samples has launched Dark Tech, a techno pack for creating inspiring grooves for your next production.

Industrial Strength Dark Tech

Dark Tech offers 40 Loop kits, which contain a full loop and all the bits broken out so you can re work and create new loops, all the loop kits are made in the same tempo so you can also mix and match kits to create new and exciting grooves with ease.

This great late night pack was created to infuse dark techno with hard edge sonic grooves to drive this popular style of Techno straight into your next session. Each loop has loads of headroom so you can re effect the groove your way. Each file is keyed up so u can start rocking your music over top with no fuss.

These 100% License Free 24 Bit samples will work in any Daw. Industrial Strength’s Dark Tech can also be used in DJ Software like NI Traktor. The loops can be used in Remix sets. These tight loops can be placed into or over your set to inspire forward thinking Dj sets that will drive your grooves even further.

If your looking for a totally inspirational way of using techno sample packs, then our new Loop Kit formatted packs are just the thing. We have made a lot of incredible sample collections but we are super excited about the flexibility and inspiration these kits can offer you.

Dark Tech is available for purchase for £12.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength Samples / Dark Tech